Saturday, January 16, 2010

Terry Bozzio, Allan Holdsworth, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto - Live at The Center Theater @ Whittier Community Center, Whittier, CA, January 12, 2010 [2CD][FLAC]

"HoBoLeMa (That's a convenient name for the group: Terry Bozzio, Allan Holdsworth, myself and Pat Mastelotto)." - Tony Levin

Due to a technical problem, set 1 is incomplete. However, I got it cleared up before it was finished and also captured set 2 in its entirety. I decided not to fade out the end of the first part I captured and just edited the pieces together with a track break to indicate where the edit takes place. With my software, fading out and back up again would have resulted in less sound quality overall. You can certainly here where the edit is, but it doesn't seem to ruin the vibe of the performance. The recording is very good and this is one of the only audience recordings I would recommend checking out with headphones. There was some great stereo panning that is captured well. As always, CalProg did a great job of presenting the show. Enjoy !!!

Lineage: Oade Bros. Micro-Mics>Sony TCD-D100 DAT>CD-Spin Doctor 2>FLAC

View HoBoLeMA live 2008 here:


Disc One

01. Set 1
02. Set 1 Continued

Disc Two

01. Set 2
02. Encore

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Against The Clock: The Best of Allan Holdsworth  Solo Drums

Enjoy !!!


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