Thursday, January 7, 2010

John Abercrombie Quartet - Live at Blues Alley, Washington, DC, USA, 1980-05-09 [SBD][3CD][FLAC]

I was lucky enough to see this fine group just a day or two after this show in Boston and am very pleased to hear another show of theirs surface on dime. It is a nice recording, definitely a soundboard source, the levels are a little inconsistent in some places, so I have remastered it, and it is a nice concert. Since it doesn't say so in the info notes, for those burning this to disc, tracks 1-6 are the 1st set, 7-9 are the 2nd set, and 10-13 are the 3rd set. All in all a very nice document. Thanks for sharing it. If I ever resolve port issue, I will be happy to share that Boston show on the dime. That's an audience recording, from master tapes. This sounds pretty close to the source too, not much noise at all, which really helps alot with this kind of music.Another note regarding Boston concert, they played 4 nights at Lulu White's in Boston, newspaper ad for the shows says those were on May 8-11 (Thurs. thru Sunday nights) so that would suggest this date is a few days off, but I believe the location and venue are correct. This is definitely not the same show I saw, but very similar songs, and both very nice music. I'm not sure if I saw the 9th or 10th show, but I am sure of all the Boston dates, and the show I saw also had 3 sets, and similar length show as this (needing 3 discs too).

Thanks to the original taper

SoundBoard Recording

Sound Quality: A

3 CD set


John Abercrombie - guitar, electric mandolin
Richie Beirach - piano
George Mraz - bass
Peter Donald - drums


CD 1

1. Blue Wolf
2. Foolish Door (Dog)
3. Stray
4. Paramour
5. Riddles
6. Arcade

CD 2

7. unknown
8. Nightlake
9. unknown

CD 3

10. Nardis
11. Madagascar
12. There is No Greater Love
13. Timeless


John Abercrombie Quartet Press Kit and Photo 1980 The  Wait Till You See Her



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