Thursday, December 10, 2009

VIDEO: John McLaughlin & Shakti - Live at the "United Nations", New York City, NY, USA, October 23rd, 2009 [DVD]

67- years old and still playing guitar at the highest level. John McLaughlin is a real magician! It have been some very busy years for John after many new albums and DVDs (Industrial Zen, Trio of Doom, Floating Point, Meeting of the Minds, Five Peace Band, Live in Belgrade, 4th Dimension etc. etc.) and extensive touring with his 4th Dimension and the Five Peace Band with longtime friend Chick Corea, he now unites here at the "United Nations" with his Shakti friends to perform once again a wonderful show of the most beautiful "world-music". Together they represent one of the most Influential and groundbreaking East-West musical fusions, they sucessfully fused musical cultures and traditions. I'm very pleased and grateful to offer you this wonderful DVD and I'm very sure that many people will love this as much as I do !! BTW John is preparing a new album with the 4th Dimension which will be out early 2010! Enjoy !!!!

BTW. the Five Peace Band got a Grammy nomination!

For more information please visit:

Abstract Logix

The Official John McLaughlin Website

United Nations

Lineage: Video webcast converted to DVD

Provided by Luckymusic (thanks!!!)


John McLaughlin - guitar, guitar synth
Zakir Hussain - tabla
U Shrinivas - electric mandolin
Selvaganesh - percussion
Shankar Mahadevan - vocal


1. 5 in the morning, 6 in the afternoon
2. Giriraj Sudha
3. Lotus Feet
4. You know you know / Finding the way

Total time: 31' 35''


Audio ac3, 48000 Hz stereo 192 kb/s
Video mpeg 2 720x576

Format: DVD [NTSC]

Enjoy !!!

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