Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live at Shibuya Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 9/19/1973 [2CD][FLAC]

Liberated bootleg "Between Failure and Frustration"

I got this many years ago (in 2001 if my memory is not wrong) and I'm here posting exactly the same way I received it, in SHN format and without any changes because I still got the CD with the files that I received in 2001. Even MD5 files are the original too. This was a time when it was not a widespread culture "torrent" and Internet connections were not very fast (especially here in Brazil). For this reason the recordings were obtained on an exchange basis and sent by snail mail. I really do not know if was released some version "remaster" of this recording after 2001, but either way I consider of excellent quality, although it is somewhat known this recording. Enjoy !!!

Recording quality: A-

Source: Unknow Lineage > Trade in SHN Format > torrent > You

Runtime: 66:49 + 69:18 = 136:07

Cover Art: Yes


John McLaughlin: guitar
Jan Hammer: keyboards
Jerry Goodman: violin
Rick Laird: bass
Billy Cobham: drums


Disc 1

01. Meeting of the Spirits [17:38]
02. Sister Andrea [13:23]
03. The Dance of Maya [02:28]
04. Awakening [16:18]
05. Vital Transformation [10:57]

Disc 2

01. Dream [27:05]
02. You Know You Know [09:56]
03. Sanctuary [07:52]
04. One Word [24:18]

Enjoy !!!

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