Monday, December 28, 2009

Liquid Tension Experiment - Live at Downey Civic Theater, Downey, CA, USA, June 27, 2008 [2CD][FLAC]

As good as this recording sounds, I must apologize for it being incomplete. Some mystery malfunction caused the DAT deck to stop recording towards the end of Rhapsody In Blue. So, this sound document does not include the encores. Fans of Paradigm Shift will have to check it out elsewhere. The problem was most likely related to the fact that I realized moments before the show started that the batteries in the recorder were dead. I dashed out to my car and replaced them with the batteries from the flashlight that I keep in the glove compartment. The concert was just about to start when I made it back to my seat, all sweaty and out of breath. I think that some fumbling with the deck is more to blame than battery failure in the end, though. Despite the lack of encores, you will most likely enjoy this recording. The venue was very small and did not sell liquor. The audience was quiet, attentive and responsive at the appropriate times. Enjoy and share!

Lineage: Oade Bros. Micro-mics>Sony TCD-D100 DAT>CD Spin Doctor>AIFF>FLAC


Mike Portnoy - drums and percussion
John Petrucci - guitars
Jordan Rudess - keyboards
Tony Levin - Chapman Stick and Bass guitar


Disc 1

Acid Rain
Kindred Spirits
Freedom of Speech
Improv Jam #1
Another Dimension

Disc 2

State of Grace
Universal Mind
When The Water Breaks
Improv Jam #2
Rhapsody in Blue (cut)

Liquid Tension Experiment   Liquid Tension Experiment 2