Tuesday, December 8, 2009

John Abercrombie - Live at Pori Jazz Festival, Pori, Finland, July 17th, 1998 [FM][REMASTER][FLAC]

Analogue FM broadcast.

This is a restored and optimised version of the show. This is a classic concert, but the versions I've had, including the recently torrented one here, had noticeable glitches. I've taken the opportunity to correct these errors once and for all, and optimise the audio. If you have this recording, this remaster will likely be an upgrade.


John Abercrombie; guitar
Mark Feldman; violin
Adam Nussbaum; drums
Palle Danielsson; bass


1. Prelude (4.34)
2. BTG (11.55)
3. Long Ago and Far Away (7.14)
4. That's For Sure (9.54)
5. Him (Danielsson) (7.39)
6. Little Jump (Danielsson) (10.12)
7. Descending Grace (Abercrombie) (cut) (6.30)