Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tony Williams - Live at Ford Theater, Detroit, Michigan, USA, April 1979 [2CD][FLAC]

There are surprisingly quite of few recordings of this band (and slight deviations)(FM & AUD).There was a run on them here a couple years ago. I just got hooked up with this rarity!!
Enjoy !!! ~mr_mags


Tony Williams (d)
Bunny Brunel (b)
Tod Carver (g)
Bruce Harris (k)
Tom Grant (k)

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Very good sound quality


CD 1

T1 Going Far 7:04
T2 Hip Skip 8:46
T3 Hittin' on Six
T4 Wildlife 6:56
T5 Improv 7:13
T6 There comes a Time 6:33
T7 Intros 1:28

CD 2

T1 ERIS 8: 12
T2 Protos Cosmos (cuts in) 6:08
T3 Million Dollar Legs? 11:48
T4 Sweet Revenge? 9:43
T5 ? 7:57

Totl time: 1:26:01


*Not complete Show
*Not sure how accurate the setlist is or not. Could not find my "Joy of Flying" disc & my "Million Dollar Legs" vinyl is buried.

Enjoy !!!

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