Thursday, October 15, 2009

NEWS: New Album John Mclaughlin [2010]

Attention John Mclaughlin fans !!!

John McLaughlin will be releasing a brand new recording in 2010.

The new album will feature 4th Dimension members:

Gary Husband on keys and Jungle Kit
Mark Mondesir on Drums
Etianne Mbappe on bass

The new album will be released by Abstract Logix - Mediastarz in Spring next year !!!!

From Abstract Logix

For more info visit:

Abstract Logix

Mediastarz Monaco

John McLaughlin's Official Website


For those people like me who can't wait to hear this new album I will do a MEGA John McLaughlin post within the next couple of days!!! So stay tuned and save some free space on your HD.

For The Love of Music

Dr. Fusion


Roland561 said...

thanks for the update. Johnny Mac can do no wrong in my ears.

Mr.JazzFusion/Hip Hop said...

Thanks for the news Dr., I'm sure what I say now will stir up some dialog. I'm happy to hear about a new cd but not at all thrilled that Hadrien Feraud is not playing bass.I seen the You Tube videos of Etianne Mbappe on bass and he
just seems like an regular bass player just like Dominique Di Piazza, Christian McBride and even Rick Laird. I like to hear bass players who challenge John like Hadrien and Jonas Hellborg did.
Will I buy the new cd of course but
will it blow me away, that's to be

kinebee said...

Oh good doktor...feel free to put up any tony that I seeded.

aloha from hawaii!


Dr. Fusion said...

Thanks a million for those Tony shows Jay!! Very much appreciated.