Friday, October 16, 2009

Kurt Rosenwinkel Trio - Live at De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 27.9.2008 [Mp2]

Excellent show, excellent sound !!!

Highly recommended

Lineage: broadcast MP2 (256 kbs, 48 kHz) > WAV (44,1 kHz, Foobar2000) > Wavelab editing > FLAC.

The orignal MPEG2 file had occasionally some minor glitches. I converted it to WAV in order to remove the glitches (almost inaudibly) and to split the file into separate tracks.


Kurt Rosenwinkel - guitar
Ben Street - bass
Obed Calvaire – drums


1. I’ll Remember April (Gene de Paul/P. Johnston/Don Raye)
2. Turn Out The Stars (B. Evans)
3. Serenity (J. Henderson)
4. Reflections (T. Monk)
5. Backup (L. Young)
6. Get Out Of Town (C. Porter)
7. Inner Urge (J. Henderson)

Total time: 1:10:34

Format: Mp2

Enjoy !!!

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