Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dave Holland Quintet Iowa City Jazz Fastival 2009-07-05 FM

Dave Holland, bass
Chris Potter, tenor and soprano saxophones
Robin Eubanks, trombone
Steve Nelson, vibraphones
Nate Smith, drums

Source: Radio broadcast
Lineage: Pioneer receiver > Tascam HDP2 > Tascam CDR500 > CD > EAC > FLAC

1. - 1:37
2. Step To It (Holland) - 15:02 (drop outs at 2:12 and 9:21)
3. Last Minute Man (Holland) - 14:23
4. Ario (Holland) - 13:22
5. Looking Up (Holland) - 11:58
6. Secret Garden (Holland) - 12:53
7. Lucky Seven (Holland) - 16:50
8. Easy Did It (Holland) - 5:18
9. - 15:44

Total time = 1 hour 47 minutes 10 seconds


upkerry14 said...


Since RS has drastically changed their policies I have switched to MU. No 90 day limit to files. NO DL limits either. Dump RS.

jw_natural said...

I wish to thank you for the many hours of listening pleasure I have received from the music you post in your most wonderful blog. I am most appreciative.

Anonymous said...

I will second that last comment.

Your site is beyond generous!

love & bebop!

James said...

Third-ed! I was at this show, and this proves it was as good as I remember. If you listen very closely to the drum solo in Lucky Seven, you can hear the rimshots echo off the city. I'm always appreciative of any more Dave Holland you can wrangle up! Thanks!

mk said...

Nice share, thx vm