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Miles Davis - Live at Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California, USA, September 25, 1981 [MASTER][FLAC]

A Robert Collins Master Recording

This release comes complete with scanned in images of the concert ticket stub,and seating chart showing the precise location of this recording (marked with the RED DOT). This was Miles Davis' return to live music tour. Previous to this tour, Miles had supposedly retired. Apparently retirement didn't agree with Miles, so he recorded 'The Man With The Horn.' The night of this concert, Miles was recovering from pneumonia, and you can tell. However, the soon-to-be-stellar band more than made up for Miles' illness by giving the performances of their lives. On my way up the road to the Hollywood bowl, I looked over and realized I was walking right next to Chick Corea, Al DiMeola, and Gayle Moran (Chick's girlfriend at the time). I said hello, and they were very nice in return. My seats were incredible box seats, dead center in the Hollywood Bowl, in front of the mixing console. This recording came out as one of my best quality shows from the Nakamichi recording days. I gave this recording an A+ based on its sonic qualities -- sounding better than a standard studio release. I arrived at my seats about 30 seconds before the lights dimmed. This didn't give me any time to set up my recording equipment. As a result, I was still setting up as the concert was starting. Therefore, during the first two minutes of the concert,the mics were still in my pockets but were recording the live music.

Lineage: AUD> Nakamichi 350

---> Nakamichi Dragon (playback)
---> Korg MR1000 (192Khz, 24-bit)
---> Sound Forge
---> Down sample to 96Khz, 24-bit
---> Har-Bal (Harmonic equalizer)
---> iZotope RX-Advanced (remove microphone noise, pops, ticks, noise reduction)
---> Sound Forge
---> Down sample to 44.1Khz, 16-bit
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC


August 22, 2009:

This concert has been meticulously re-mastered and restored at 192Khz, 24-bit resolution. The master tapes were sampled at an ultra-high definition192Khz, 24-bit and stored without any changes. This allows future remastering projects to occur without the need to resample the original masters ever again. Using my current set of advanced software, I was able to remove all mic muffling, pops, ticks, bad tape turns, drop outs, and breathing into the mics. The results are stunning and speak for themselves.

I've done my best to restore the first two minutesby using sophisticated software to make it sound just like the remainder of the concert -- as if the mics were not in my pocket. But it's not perfect; it has a slight bit of flanging during the first few seconds, and a little hiss. But after two minutes, look out: this concert rockets to an A+ rating.

This remastering replaces the 2007-09-27 remastering version. That (former) remastering only fixed the equalization on the first two minutes of the concert, and did not attempt to resample the original recording. The former sampling rate was 48Khz, 16-bit.

Sound Samples:




Seats: Box seats; Box 936 - right in front of mixing console
Deck: Nakamichi 350
Mics: Nakamichi CM-300
Source: Master Tape; Stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1 Khz, 16-bit (FLAC)

Rating: A+

DVD Audio: A Hi-Definition DVD-Audio (96 Khz, 24-bit) version of this concert is also available.


Miles Davis - Trumpet, Piano
Bill Evans - Saxes
Mike Stern - Guitar
Marcus Miller - Bass
Al Foster - Drums
Mino Cinelu - Percussion


Back Seat Betty
My Man's Gone Now
Mayor's Proclamation
Fat Time
Jean Pierre

Length: 65 Minutes

Enjoy !!!

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