Tuesday, September 15, 2009

John McLaughlin Trio (Feat. Jonas Hellborg) - Live at Chatham Theater, Chatham, Mass, U.S.A., August 31, 1988 [MASTER][2CD][FLAC]

Another in glasnostrd19's Jazz Masters series. Masters of jazz from master audience tapes. Like most (if not all) in this series this one is a first time master seed. A nice show in a nice little theater on the northern part of Cape Cod, complete except for 2 tape flip cuts (both spliced), recorded about 15 rows back, almost dead center. The sound was good at this show, so was everything else, only time I've ever seen a show in this theater. Didn't bring a C-100 with me,would have prevented any cuts, but I still hadn't figured that out yet. I saw them the night before this in Cambridge too but am posting this because that was 2 short shows, this was one standard length one of the 1st tour of this trio, my favorite of all the McLaughlin trio bands. This may be the best trio i've ever heard in concert. I don't usually like trio shows of anyone. But this is John McLaughlin. I can enjoy almost any concert with him in it, and this was about the 12th time or so I have seen him live. The only one since original Maha. when I saw the same group more than once on the same tour (I can't afford that stuff). I like to see each tour once, and with John that requires a recording. This was one of my better McLaughlin recordings, I'd have to say my best ones (for quality of recording) are probably the 87 John & Jonas duet and Al/John/Paco 81 which are both great, this is close to that level and a show I've enjoyed hearing again many times. Nice mellow mood in this show, but it has plenty of energy playing too. Do not sell this recording. Trade freely and losslessly. Enjoy !!!


Source: Master audience tape

Performance quality: A

Recording quality: B+

Lineage: AKG D-190E microphones > Sony 158 cassette deck (dolby off) >Maxell MX 90 min. cassettes > played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 WAV >FLAC 6


John McLaughlin- guitar
Jonas Hellborg- bass
Trilok Gurtu- drums & percussion


Disc 1 (67:20)

1: stage introduction
2: blue in green
3: florianapolis
4: John introduces Jonas and Trilok and tuning
5: Blues for L.W.
6: trilogy (spliced, tape flip)
7: goodbye pork pie hat

Disc 2 (42:20)

8: Pasha's love
9: mother tongues (spliced, tape flip)
10: encore break
11: encore (title?)

Enjoy !!!

Format: FLAC

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Neroon001 said...

what a show to see you are very lucky to see him that many times,I have been a fan since the early 70's and have yet to see him live.Would haved love to seehim with the original MO.JH is also one of my favorite bass players so I get a chance to hear 2 of my favorite players,thank you very much for sharing this show !!