Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane & Jeff Sipe - Live at R.O.A.M. Festival, Lake Toxaway, NC, USA, August 8th, 1996 [SBD][4CD][MP3][320KB]

Get ready for some real guitar fire! This show is definitely a must have for any fan of killer-guitar-fusion. Shawn Lane, one of the greatest and fastest shred monsters who ever walked this planet together with Swedish bass-monster Jonas Hellborg and drummer Jeff Sipe will blow you away guaranteed!!! Enjoy!

Renaissance of Arts & Music (ROAM) Festival

Stereo SoundBoard Recording

Sound quality: A-


Shawn Lane - guitar
Jonas Hellborg - bass
Jeff Sipe - drums


Disc 1

01 - Abstract Logix
02 - Baraji
03 - Improvisation
04 - Improvistaion
05 - Improvisation

Disc 2

01 - Improvisation
02 - Deep Umbra
03 - Tune-up
04 - Baraji
05 - Baraji (continued)
06 - Improvisation
07 - Stellar Rays
08 - Rice with the Angels

Disc 3

01 - Improvisation
02 - Baraji

Disc 4

01 - Stellar Rays (cuts in)
02 - Rice With The Angels
03 - Improvisation
04 - Improvisation
05 - Juvalamu - Stellar Rays
06 - Stellar Rays continued

Total time: 2:59:08

Format: Mp3 [320KB]

Enjoy !!

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Dr. Fusion said...

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Enjoy !!!

Anonymous said...

This is a combination of all three shows from August 8-10, 1996. Here's the info on these ROAM sets, with the more correct song titles:


(Eugene Chadourne sits in on the 20 min. improv, during the last show. An unidentified(?) sax player
also sits in during an improv during that last set on Sat. night too.)

Anonymous said...


Brucetorius said...

Hello Doctor,
is this flac or mp3, coz in text u wrote format: flac?

Great post, but wozuld be better in lossless if it's mp3.

thanks a lot


Dr. Fusion said...

To anonymoys:

Thanks for the info. I already visited LaneWiki but I didn't know what to think because of the difference in setlist. So, this is a collection for the dates 8-10.


To Brucetorius:

I'm sorry man, this is indeed Mp3 @320KB but I have just received the original WAV files from this show so FLAC will be posted here soon.

Stay tuned if you want this in lossless. Will it post this week!