Monday, August 3, 2009

Allan Holdsworth - I.O.U.- Live at Oddfellows Hall, Towson, MD, USA, June 27, 1982 [MASTER][FLAC]

This is Allan touring on his DIY album "Allan Holdsworth, I.O.U.". Great guitarist and a very decent sounding show. If anybody can verify the title of Track 5, please do so. It might be a Paul Williams solo effort, as it only appears to have keyboard backing from Gary Husband. Enjoy!

Taper: bpthree

Prepared by Jeff James

Taping Gear: Sony TC-1100T with Sony ECM-16 condenser microphone

Lineage: TDK-AD master cassette> Teac A-550RX cassette playback> TASCAM CDRW-700> Trade CD-R (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)

Quality: vg+


Allan Holdsworth - guitar
Gary Husband - drums & keyboards
Paul Williams - vocals (The TEMPEST vocalist, not the midget songwriter!)
Paul Carmichael - bass

Set List:

01. Where Is One
02. Things You See (When You Haven't Got Your Gun)
03. Letters Of Marque
04. White Line
05. You Can Tell Your Friends (?)
06. Water On The Brain
07. Out From Under
08. Was There?

Length: 72:53 minutes

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...


Barleyman70 said...

Hi Doc,

I checked my own CD-R of this and here is the song-list:
01 - Where Is One
02 - The Things You See
03 - Letters Of Marque
04 - White Line
05 - Prayer
06 - Water On The Brain
07 - Drifting Into The Attack
08 - Out From Under
09 - Checking Out
10 - Was There (Something)?

Hope it helps you. Best