Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jimi Hendrix & Traffic - "A Session" - Liberated Bootleg [FLAC]

Jam with Traffic, Electric Lady Studio, New York City, NY 15.06.70 plus TTG Studios, Hollywood, CA 29.10.68 / Buddy Miles Jam, New York City, NY 14.11.69)

Tracklist: "Jam Thing" / JS21 (listed as "Guitar Thing") / "Session Thing"


- "Session Thing" was initially believed to be part of the Jam with Traffic at Electric Lady Studios 15.06.70, but has later been determined to come from TTG Studios 29.10.68. It has now also been suggested that the flute may have been played by Lowell George, not Jim Horn, and the keyboards by Graham Bond, not Lee Michaels.

- This album has later been reissued as "Lover Man" (Oil Well 123 CD)

Excellent Sound !!!


Jimi Hendrix - guitar,
Chris Wood - flute, saxophone,
Jim Capaldi - drums,
Steve Winwood - organ


01. Jam Thing (19.39)
02. Guitar Thing (5:15)
03. Session Thing (35.27)

Jimi Hendrix & Traffic: A Session

Oh Boy ! - 1-9027, Luxembourg, 1990

Artwork included !!!

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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