Sunday, August 9, 2009

FOCUS (Feat. Philip Catherine) - "British Biscuit" - Live "Con Proby" Tour 1976 + Bonus [FM][FLAC]

One of my favorite jazz guitarists plays in a rock band. If you've heard almost anything else with P. Catherine, it's probably alot jazzier than Focus, but this is the only recording I've heard of this tour. It includes a fine version of Angel Wings (also performed nicely by Passport in the mid 1970's on their tour), a very nice concert throughout. Enjoy !!!


Focus (Feat. Philip Catherine)
"British Biscuit" FM broadcast
live unknown location

"Con Proby" Tour 1976

Recording quality: A- (FM)

My favorite Focus and/or Catherine recording
Excellent music and playing !!!


Thijs van Leer - Flute, Vocals, Keys
Philip Catherine - Guitar
Bert Ruiter - Bass
Pierre van der Linden - Drums


1: Virtuous woman
2: Blues in D
3: Sneezing bull
4: The house of the king
5: Angel wings (excellent version of this! sounds more like Passport than Focus!)
6: Little sister > what you see
7: Hocus pocus

Total time ('76 show): 47:21


FOCUS with Focus' usual guitarist, Jan Akkerman
in Copenhagen, Denmark 1975

(vg aud source)


Thijs van Leer - Flute, Vocals, Keys
Jan Akkerman - Guitar
Bert Ruiter - Bass
Pierre van der Linden - Drums


8: sylvia
9: the house of the king
10: hocus pocus
11: improvisation in D major > no hang ups (end cuts)

Time ('75 tracks): 26:35

Total runtime: 73:56

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this sounds excellent.
Never heard this line up live

PE_35 said...

probably it's the same thing than FOCUS the live at the bbc on hux records, if it's not the same show, is somebody can tell me about that ?


patrickdhunt said...

this focus con proby recording was recorded at the "New London Theatre", Victoria, London on a miserable rainy Sunday night. I WAS THERE and made a 300 mile round trip to see the band for the last time as they had effectively split up with Catherine standing in for Ackerman who had just walked out.
Great Recording though.