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Shawn Lane, Jonas Hellborg & Jeff Sipe - Live at Murphy's, Memphis, TN, November 1 1995 [Mp3@320KB]

Photo by Scott Quinn

Live at Murphy's
Memphis, TN
USA, November 1, 1995


Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Shawn Lane - Guitar
Jeff Sipe (Apt.Q-258) - Drums


1. Temporal analogues of paradise, 2nd movement - 14:19
2. Tune-ups - 3:27
3. Juvalamu (aka Personae) - 6:20
4. Stellar Rays (aka Time is the Enemy) - 5:01
5. Baraji (aka Rag b/b) - 16:21
6. Deep Umbra (aka Hell is Other People) - 5:27
7. Palace of Dreams - 13:47
8. Temporal Analogues of Paradise, 1nd movement - 24:30
9. Unknown - 18:25
10. Rice With the Angels - 12:19

Total time: 2:00:08

Format: Mp3 @320KB

Enjoy !!!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. FYI: That photo of both Shawn and Jonas together, was taken by Scott Quinn, his one time manager, in 2001, infront of the home they were staying in during a 2 day San Diego concert event in Balboa Park, San Diego CA.
It is one of the best Shots of Shawn when he was in good health! This was one of the very few Acoustic only concerts Shawn and Jonas Did. There is in deed a copy of those shows, that no one has ever heard! Not that it matters, but a photo credit might be nice! Not too many people know these little details!

Thanks for all you do!

Dr. Fusion said...

Thank you very much for this interesting information !!

Best wishes