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Miles Davis - Live at Estival Jazz, Lugano, Switzerland, July 1, 1987 [SBD][2CD][FLAC]

SoundBoard Recording

A SwissBird , SimplexSimplicissimus & superMAX release

Miles Davis (Live)
Estival Jazz
Centro Esposizioni
Lugano, Switzerland
1. July 1987

Soundboard > 1st copy > eac > wave > flac frontend (align on sector boundaries Level 8) >

Musicians :

Miles Davis - trumpet
Kenny Garrett - saxophone
Gary Thomas - saxophone
Robert Irving III - keyboards
dam Holzman - keyboards
Joe McCreery - guitar
Derryl Jones - bass
Mino Gretu - percussion
Rick Weidman - drums


Disc 1 :

01. Opening / Street Scenes 10:54
02. New Blues 6:19
03. Perfect Way 5:27
04. The Senate / Me & U 8:19
05. Human Nature 10:46
06. Wrinkle 10:14
07. Tutu 11:26
08. Movie Star 7:07

Disc 2 :

01. Splatch 6:00
02. Time After Time 9:02
03. Full Nelson 4:35
04. Don`t Stop Me Now 14:39
05. Carnival Time 10:02
06. Tomaas 3:48
07. Portia 11:35

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

See comments for download links


Dr. Fusion said...

links coming soon...

Dr. Fusion said...

Download here:










Enjoy !!!

trpt2345 said...

Joseph Foley McCreary, gtr; Ricky Wellman dr; Mino Cinelu,perc.

trpt2345 said...

About half of the flac files here were damaged and did not open.FWIW.

Dr. Fusion said...

The files are ok but you need ALL files before you unpack them with for instance winRAR. Files are split at 100mb using option zip100 so you'll need all files!

Good luck

Mr.JazzFusion/Hip Hop said...

Dr. Fusion, I sent you a email regarding this and you never answered, so I'm trying again
I just want to let you know that I downloaded the Miles Lugano Switerland Concert and there
are five track where the music just stops before the track ends. Here they are:

CD 1 3.Perfect Way
4.The Senate / Me

CD 2 1.Spalsh
4.Don't Stop Me Now

I had alread deleted the Flac files from the computer so if possible can you send me a link for just thiose tracks.
I spent the day downloading this since I can only us the free service, just want to give you a heads up.

wharfratpat said...

Line 07: file 'Disc 1�3_Perfect Way.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

Line 08: file 'Disc 1�4_The Senate_Me And U.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

Line 11: file 'Disc 1�7_Tutu.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

Line 14: file 'Disc 2�1_Splatch.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

Line 16: file 'Disc 2�3_Full Nelson.flac' verified ok (checksum does match).

Line 17: file 'Disc 2�4_Don`t Stop Me Now.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

Line 20: file 'Disc 2�7_Portia.flac' failed verification (checksum does not match).

these tracks fail in both md5 and ffp checksums

i had all the files before extracting: 8 rar files at 95.7 mb with the 9th rar being 74.3 mb

Dr. Fusion said...

To Mr. Jazz-Fusion/Hip-Hop

I'm sorry I didn't answer yet. I'm extremely far behind with answering my email and I'm extremely busy but I will contact you in the next couple of days to help you out with this recording. Talk to you soon!

Regards, Fred

Dr. Fusion said...

To Warfratpat:

My fault, I didn't check this recoring before posting it. I will check it asap and see what I can do.

Thanks !