Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miles Davis (Feat. Bob Berg & Robben Ford) - Live at Beacon Theater, New York, NY, USA, April 6th, 1986 [SBD][FLAC]

Both Lohmann and Losin give this as an "audience recording," but that is clearly not the case. A frequency analysis suggests a soundboard source and not an FM broadcast. This has been issued as a bootleg titled "Social Music," however it is unclear whether this particular set, received on DAT, came from that bootleg release.

April 6, 1986
Beacon Theater
New York, NY

Source: Soundboard

Lineage: SBD >? >DAT @44.1 kHz >.wav via S/PDIF and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 >CD Wave >Trader's Little Helper (level 6, aligned on sector boundaries)


Miles Davis - trumpet, keyboards
Bob Berg - soprano, tenor saxophones
Robben Ford - guitar
Robert Irving III, Adam Holzman - synthesizers
Felton Crews - electric bass
Vincent Wilburn, Jr. - drums
Steve Thornton, Marilyn Mazur - percussion

Track List (1:14:32):

1. One Phone Call/Street Scenes - 1:59
2. Speak - 8:16
3. New Blues (Star People) - 5:45
4. Maze - 3:03
5. Maze Pt. II - 4:57
6. Human Nature - 8:42
7. Portia - 7:53
8. Splatch - 6:52
9. Time After Time - 9:03
10. Carnival Time - 4:08
11. Tutu - 4:28
12. Tomaas - 9:17

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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