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Jan Hammer & Tony Williams Group - A Night at the Berklee, Boston, Mass., July 1, 1991 (Second edition)[FLAC]

For the second time I present a night's entertainment at the Berklee Performance Center with 2 bands, this time a fine jazz fusion bill. I think the JHTW set sounded a little better than opener Steve Morse Band (the headline act usually does regardless who plays better) but both sound very good. Tony Williams is one of the greatest jazz drummers around and sounds it in this set. This was my first time seeing Tony live and I enjoyed it very much. Steve Morse had been touring the US quite extensively by this time, but it's one of just a few shows with this rare collaberation of former Miles Davis and Mahavishnu alumni. If you like your jazz rare, good quality recording and (some) good high energy fusion jazz, this one is for you !!!



Jan Hammer/ Tony Williams group
with Fernando Saunders
and George Brunis (last name spelling?)

Venue & Date:

Berklee Performance Center
Boston, Mass.
July 1, 1991

Source: master audience tape

Recording quality: B+ clear and up front recording

Lineage: Sony stereo microphone > Sony WMD-6 deck (dolby off) >Maxell XLII-S cassette > soundforge 4.5 > CD >CD extractor (all files verified OK) > soundforge 4.5 > FLAC >

Setlist: (what I know of it)

01: star cycle
02: ?
03: ?
04: theme from "Miami Vice"
05: darkness earth in search of a sun
06: ? (blues tune)
09: cruisin'
10: blue wind
11: advantage

Total time: 69:45

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Thank you very much!
It's very rare and incredible show!