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Devadip Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - Live at Seattle Center Arena, WA, September 7th, 1973 [MASTER][2CD][FLAC][UPGRADE]

JEMS master recording

This recording captures the short lived colaboration between John McLaughlin and Carlos Santana touring in support of their album Love Devotion Surrender. The common thread through this whole collaboration was spiritual leader Sri Chimnoy who both were at the time disciples of his teachings. His teachings are the glue that bind together such diverse musical elements as John Coltrane(A Love Surpreme, Naima) and the traditional Christian hymn Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord into one cohesive musical statement of Love Devotion and Surrender. Enjoy !!!

Artist: Carlos Santana & John McLaughlin
Date: 1973-09-07
Location: Seattle, WA
Venue: Seattle Center Arena

Source: Audience

Lineage: master cassette>Nakamichi 670 azimuth-adjusted playback>Wavelab 24/96>Sox 16/44>flac

Taping Gear: Sony ECM-22P>Sony TC-55

Taped and transferred by JEMS

Band Members:

Mahavishnu John McLaughlin - guitar
Devadip Carlos Santana - guitar
Khalid Yasin(aka Larry Young) - organ
Doug Rauch - bass
Armando Peraza - percussion
Jose Chepito Arias - percussion
Billy Cobham - drums



01. Meditation ->
02. The Life Devine ->
03. A Love Surpreme ->
04. I'm Aware of You (cut in middle due to tape flip)


05. Naima
06. Flame Sky (cut in middle due to tape flip)
07. Taurian Matador (cut in middle due to tape flip)
08. Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord

Runtime: 143:58

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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