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Billy Cobham Band - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival, July 19th, 1978 [SBD][2CD][FLAC]

SoundBoard Recording

This is post peak Cobham but I have a soft spot for this album/group. Underated-IMO. The 20 min Stratus is guaranteed to knock your socks off. Tom Coster is a great surprise here! He does not play on the album or any other recordings that I know of. Of course, Mark Soskin is great too. Also, if you don't know already this IS the Randy Jackson of Journey/American Idol fame. Saw him with Narada in 83' and he killed! Charles Singleton is not well known but he does some nasty solos.

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Billy Cobham Band
Casino Montreux
Montreux Jazz Festival

Lineage: SBD>Cdrs from Trade>EAC>FLAC

Audio Quality: EX-


Billy Cobham (dr)
Alvin Batiste (cl, fl)
Randy Jackson (b)
Ray Mouton (g)
Charles Singleton (g)
Tom Coster (kbds)


CD 1

T1 Drum Intro 6:02
T2 'Anteres'-The Star 7:06
T3 On a Magic Carpet Ride 10:02
T4 Puffnstuff tease?>Stratus 21:10
T5 BC Greeting :25

CD 2

T1 Intro :31
T2 Leaward Winds 6:23
T3 Burrito Bandito>Drum Solo 16:42
T4 Puffnstuff 7:52
T5 AC/DC 13:03

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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bootleg43 said...

Cooooool... Cobham with Coster sounds awesome. But it was your comments about Randy Jackson that pushed me over the line... I'd love to hear The Dog blazing on some thundering bass... the only place I ever heard him was on a John Fogerty with Jerry garcia tape I have. As always... thanks so much for the great post!

Dr. Fusion said...

You're welcome friend! and Thank You for all your kind comments !


Anonymous said...

many thanks, jjp