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Allan Holdsworth - BBC Sessions - "Jazz in Britain" - Live at BBC Radio 3, London, UK, January 8, 1980 & October 20, 1981 [FLAC]

Here I offer this great set of BBC recordings of Allan Holdsworth from 1980 & 1981. The first set is by Holdsworth & Co. from 1980, followed by Allan Holdsworth I.O.U. from 1981. These recordings are quite rare and are a must for all Allan Holdsworth fans ! Please take note on the I.O.U. set that Paul Williams is not there so it is all instrumental. Both sessions are from the " Jazz In Britain " series at the BBC !

The sound quality is EX on these recordings.

So, please enjoy Allan Holdsworth at the BBC !


Allan Holdsworth & Co.
" Jazz In Britain "
London, UK
January 8, 1980


Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Gordon Beck - Piano
John O'Whey - Bass
Ray Warleigh - Alto & Soprano Saxophone
John Marshall - Drums


1. Announcer Intro
2. The Things You See When You Haven't Got Your Gun
3. Every Little Breeze
4. Sunday
5. Announcer Closing Comments

Allan Holdsworth I.O.U.
" Jazz In Britain "
London, UK
October 20, 1981


Allan Holdsworth - Guitar
Paul Carmichael - Bass
Gary Husband - Drums & Piano


6. Announcer Intro
7. White Line
8. Shallow Sea ( Excerpt )
9. Where Is One ?
10. Prayer / Drifting Into The Attack
11. Letters Of Marque
12. Announcer Closing Comments

Total time: 61 minutes, 15 seconds

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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