Sunday, June 14, 2009

VIDEO: Soft Machine (w/ Allan Holdsworth) - Live at Montreux, Switzerland, July 4, 1974 [DVD]

Incredible video by Soft Machine featuring one of the GREATEST guitarists of All Time: Allan Holdsworth. A Must-Have for any fan !!!



VHS (pre broadcast) > stand-alone dvd recorder >DVDr >PC > dime
Don't know the generation on this, but it's the best version I've seen.


Many thanks to DeusIrae


Karl Jenkins - saxophones, keyboards
Mike Ratledge - keyboards
Allan Holdsworth - guitar, violin, vocals
John Marshall - drums
Roy Babbington - bass


01. Hazard Profile (17:55)
02. Suite : The Floating World (00:00)
03. Ealing Comedy (bass solo) (00:00)
04. Bundles (00:00)
05. Joint (00:00)
06. The Man Who Wawed At Trains (00:00)
07. L B O (drums solo) (00:00)
08. Riff II (two) (33:15)
09. bis : Lefty (00:00)
10. bis : Penny Hitch (06:50)

Total time approx. 60 minutes

Format: DVD [NTSC]


audio: DD 256kb/s 48khz
aspect ratio 4x3
bitrate approx. 3000 kbps

Enjoy !!!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download DVD cover + links here:

Juan Jose Ruiz - Tagle said...

hola gracias por el dvd soft machine 1976 :)
el dvd sft machine 1974 no se puede ver esta fallado en la cancion despues de bundles :(
gracias por los otros videos
exelent out of season

Juan Jose Ruiz - Tagle said...


Franclown said...

i can see only the first half hour
i don't know if is my video only or if was a bad download


trank grappa said...
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trank grappa said...

hi Dr. Fusion
first of all, tnx 4 this gem! I love SoftMachine and specially the Allan Holdsworth-phase, wow, what a concert in Montreux (have seen parts of it on YouTube before). unfortunately something is wrong with the upload. parts 11 trough 15 of the .rar-archives seem to be corrupted. they have sizes from 58.7 to 85.1 MB instead of the usual 95.8 of all the other parts. so the movie stops after "chapter 9".
is there any chance to have a reupload? well, I know, it's a lot of work, but it would be worth it I guess ;-)
in any case, tnx again for spreading the good music!

Dr. Fusion said...

To trank grappa & Franclown:

The files are all OK. I just checked them and there is no problem. There probably went something wrong while you were downloading them.

All files have 100,431,872 Bytes except the last file!

The video is good and complete and has been downloaded over 250 times by now!

I recommend re-downloading your "corrupt" files and it should be ok.

Enjoy !!!

trank grappa said...

thanks man, I thought the same for a moment I'll try what you suggested. viva la musica! :-)

Dr. Fusion said...

For the Love of Music I hope you do succeed my friend :-) But you will, I'm sure about that!

Happy watching!

trank grappa said...

:)) thanks again, it worked!!
now I look forward to a nice evening, enjoying the montreux-live experience of the 70ies ;-)
in fact, the first time I was at the Montreux Jazz Festival was about 1978. it's a very special place to go, also for the free concerts along the lake-side!
greetings from swizzaland, Trank Grappa

R Guitar said...


Rev. Dr. Moller. MDMA, THC and BAR. said...

This is brilliant, thank you very much.