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Le London All Star (Feat. Jimmy Page & John McLaughlin) - British Percussion [1965][Mp3][VBR][ULTRA RARE!!!]



It’s always nice to find a rare record but it’s even better to find one that does not exist! For Mr.Page himself once stated, ”No such record was made”,numerous other collectors and “Pageologists” (Cool word that I think I’ll copywrite it) also declaired this record as “Myth”. Ah but dear reader,it DOES exist,not only is this the genuine article but it contains a Page solo so breathtaking and outstanding that this record contains one of his most important session appearences EVER!

So let us revisit the words of another session legend Bobby Graham : “On the cold and frosty morning of the 23rdWith Graham in the producers chair the group of musicians recorded 12 tracks in a single session,now that’s not easy to do but then look at the class of performer including future Jazz legend John McLaughlin (Already known for his work with Graham Bond and Rolling Stones),Andy White (Pre Ringo Beatles,Billy Fury),with Arthur Greenslade we could be here all day,but we should mention Billy Fury,Them and Val Doonican as Page also played on the recordings he made.The Ray davis is not the Kink but a session trumpet player who worked with just about everybody in the 1960’s. Graham and Page wrote 3 songs,’Stop The Drums’,’Drum Stomp’ and ‘Lord Byron Blues’.It is this last track that Page plays a blues solo so perfect that I cannot understand why he and Graham did not record an entire albums worth straight after this session.Graham himself said of this track,”In my opinion one of England’s greatest guitar players”,If I my add a “Hell Yeah!” here,thankyou.Many involved with this session then headed out to france,along with Jim Sullivan,and worked on numerous pop sessions for Eddy Mitchell,Johnny Halliday and some girl singers whose names I forget at the moment. of February 1965, 25 musicians assembled at Pye recording studios in London for what was to be one of the finest recording dates of the year. Flexing his not inconsiderable muscles,arranger Nicky Welsh set to work one month after Xmas 1964 to arrange the music for a powerhouse line up of the finest musicians in England”.

In fact the whole album is excellent,blending its styles of Blues/Jazz and Swing,it was given a release date of September,yet it seems that it was not released in the UK and handed over to the French Barclay records, given a french title with french sleeve notes,yet obviously some copies were pressed and did not have promo or demo printed on the label.Also why did it take 28 years for a copy to surface.Discovered so I am told by the guy behind Londons 100 Club, this copy was battered and scratched and still commanded a VERY HIGH PRICE!

I would have assumed that by now this would have surfaced on the internet or on Cd,yet I have never come across it.So here is my copy taken from vinyl – Enjoy.


BAND : Le London All Star


Jimmy Page (Lead Guitar)
John McLaughlin (Rhythm Guitar)
Kenny Salmon (Organ)
Arthur Greenslade (Piano)
Andy White (Drums)
Arthur Watts (Bass)
Ray Davis (Trumpet)
Bill Skeets (Saxaphone)

GENRE : Blues,Jazz

SOURCE : LP 1965


01. Stop The Drums
02. Mexican Shuffle
03. Coming Home Babe
04. Drum Stomp
05. Watermelon Man
06. More (Theme from Mondo Cane)
07. Beefeater
08. Image
09. Night Train
10. Spanish Armada
11. Lord Byron Blues
12. Salvation

Format: Mp3 [VBR]

Enjoy !!!

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Here it is on youtube

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I, avs002, put a youtube video up some time ago of the best track (with the solo).

I don't think Jimmy denies the album as such. There's a (no quality) tape of Jimmy talking, inter alia, about an album (this one, I think) - where he says they lifted the solo from another recording.

If that helps...

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Thanks for the video !!!