Monday, June 29, 2009

Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane & Jeff Sipe - Live at Wetlands, New York, USA, April 30th, 1997 [FLAC]

Provided by Willjay


Willjay either fully authored, or fixed/edited around 70% of these Shawn Lane shows, so even if anyone had any of the shows already, these could be considered 'upgrades' compared to the versions that have been passed around over the years

Lineage: SBD ? > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (level6)

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Sound quality A


Shawn Lane - Guitar
Jonas Hellborg - Bass
Jeff Sipe - Drums


01 - Improvisation (23:24)
02 - Improvisation (03:52)
03 - Stellar Rays (04:18)
04 - Improvisation > Teen Town > Black Market (16:32)
05 - Rice With The Angels (13:53)

Total time: 1:01:52

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!!

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Dr. Fusion said...





Anonymous said...

Things seem like the Good Old Days around here again, with these Hellborg/Lane re-ups!!

(Wetlands r.i.p.)

Dr. Fusion said...

Stay tuned for many more :-)

Abhijit said...

Thanks for this.
Isn't there a video of this too-or is that another show at Wetlands?

Do you happen to have any HLS videos at all? Would be great if you could upload any..thanks!

Dr. Fusion said...

There are many videos with Shawn Lane. Check here:

I wish I had more Shawn Lane vids!
The only one I have is already posted here. Let's hope someone has more and is willing to share them with us. Would be really awesome.

For now we have youtube to watch. Loads of Shawn Lane videos there thanks to our friend Willjay :-)