Thursday, October 20, 2016

John McLaughlin & The One Truth Band - Live at Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA, USA, June 18th, 1979 [FLAC]

This came to me with CD 1's tracking a complete mess. I retracked D1 w/ CD Wave Editor. Also.. CD 2 had a couple weak sounding filler tunes(Luke?) which I left off. This set comes from one of the last concerts of The OTB. Enjoy!!! ~mr_mags

John McLaughlin: Guitar, Banjo
L Shankar: Violin
Stu Goldberg: Keys
Fernando Saunders
Tony Smith: Drums
Alyrio Lima: Percussion

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Quality - Great sounding audience recording for 79'


CD 1

T1 Desire and the Conforter 16:41
T2 Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs 29:18
T3 Miles Davis 23:15

CD 2

T1 Three Sisters 11:33
T2 Meeting of the Spirits > konakkol w/ Shankar 6:53
T3 Piano Solo 4:09
T4 Drum Solo 5:51
T5 One Word>Dark Prince : 14:07
T6 ? w/ In a Silent Way teases  8:59

A big thanks to Mr Mags for all the great recordings he has shared!



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