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John McLaughlin & the One Truth Band - Live at Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany, September 23rd, 1978 [FM][2CD][FLAC]

John McLaughlin & the One Truth Band
Frankfurt, Germany
September 23rd, 1978

Provided by mr_mags

Excellent FM recording*

*In general, this is a really nice sounding show. HOWEVER, there are moments of static due to problems with FM reception. It is mostly intermittent/light & noticible during quiet portions like Stu Golberg's piano solo but is evident in a a few other spots like CD2 T1. Simply, it exists here & there & is worse in some spots than others. I hope it's worthwhile for you. I certainly think so. (Beats an average aud recording!)


John McLaughlin - Electric Guitar
Lakshminarayanan Shankar - Electric Violin
Fernando Saunders - Electric Bass
Stu Goldberg - Keyboards
Tony Smith - Drums


CD 1

T1 Intro>Meeting Of The Spirits 16:07
T2 Unknown 12:33
T3 Do You Hear The Voices You Left Behind?" (cuts in) 9:52
T4 Unknown w/ Bass Solo 4:28
T5 Piano Solo 6:02

CD 2

T1 Are you the one? Medley 17:47
T2 "konakol" (vocal percussion) 5:10
T3 Medley> Friendship 6:14
T4 Friendship 20:34

Total time: 1:38:50

**CD 2 T4 has variable quality

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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