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DEWINKELHATTLER (Torsten DeWinkel, Hellmut Hattler) - Live at "KLANG-ART 2001", Stadthalle Osnabrück, Germany, 2001-06-08 [FLAC]

Excellent audience recording

Lineage: Soundman OKM I > SHARP MD-MT20H > ZOOM H1 > PC (via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit, tracking)

Notes from the taper:

The evening started with this DEWINKELHATTLER-set, reanimated especially for this KLANG-ART-festival, playing some stuff from their 1988 album "Humanimal Talk", but also some TAB TWO tracks. This is an excellent audience-recording! There is only very little audience chatter during the whole concert ! Not too much visitors and all real, "concentrated" fans! Also thanks to the sound-engineer of the Klang-Art/Stadthalle, he did a really great job on this evening !!! I did some EQing (raised heights for brilliance and added a (very) little Hellmut's bass) - the concert itself had a very moderate volume in a excellent sounding little side-hall of the Stadthalle in Osnabrück


Hellmut Hattler (bg)
Torsten DeWinkel (g (-synth), sitar)
Christian Lohr (keys, akkordeon)


01. bassment 101  (5.02)
02. sad news (6.32)
03. d.u.v. (4.36)
04. four miles to ulm (5.32)
05. lieblingslied (5.11)
06. kopfkino (7.36)
07. out of the tab cave (6.00)
08. - (band-introduction + applause) (1.18)
09. dinner for three (4.30)
10. ?... (5.39)

Total time: 52 min

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DEWINKELHATTLER - 2001-06-08 - KlangArt, Osnabrück, Stadthalle (AUD).part1.rar
DEWINKELHATTLER - 2001-06-08 - KlangArt, Osnabrück, Stadthalle (AUD).part2.rar