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Charles Mingus - “Inner Voices” - CBC TV, Toronto, Canada October 31, 1964 [FLAC][UPGRADE]

Charles Mingus
“Inner Voices”
Toronto, Canada
October 31, 1964

Original TV broadcast date: December 8, 1964
(source of information: CODA magazine)

Lineage (original upload): cdr to wav to flac files and checksum
Add.Lineage: flac > Soundforge 9: speed correction a.o.edits > flac TLH lvl8 w/SBA (231 MB)


Lonnie Hillyer, Al Stanwick, Freddie Stone (tp)
Ron Collier (tb)
Howard Johnson (tu)
Charles McPherson (as)
Don Thompson (ts)
Joe Farrell (ts,fl)
Bernie Piltch, Morty Ross (bs)
Jim O'Discoll (oboe)
Jaki Byard (p)
Charles Mingus (b,p,narration)
Dannie Richmond (dr)

*Last track is from a rehearsal the same day


1) Conversation - Solo Bass [2:26]  (previously 2:14)
2) So Long Eric [3:17] (2:58)
3) Part Of Meditations [1:26] (1:19)
4) Meditations (longer version & conversation) [20:05] (18:25)
5) Conversation [3:41] (3:27)
6) Meditations (shorter version, incomplete) [17:07] (16:26)

Total time (speed corrected version) 48:05
(previously 44:49)


- Thanks to the unknown taper of this recording,
- Thanks to agriffith for the original seed,
- Thanks to rillenheini for the Personnel information,
- Thanks to Prof.Goody for his expert advices leading to this speed corrected version.

Provided & corrected by flabay (thanks!)


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