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Allan Holdsworth and IOU - Live at The Club, Cambridge, MA, USA, September 9, 1983 [FLAC]

Notes that came with this recording:

Here is another set from the IOU tour. This tour featured Jeff Berlin, a great bassist and one of the most pompous asses to ever walk the earth. His presence really pushes the band to a higher than normal energy level. This was recorded in a fairly noisy club with a high percentage of fusion fanboys, so there is quite a bit of audience noise and a hootin and a hollerin goin on. Still a good listen and a must for Holdsworth fanatics!

Lineage: Aud-Sony D6-Cass(1gen)-Peak-CDR-Itunes-shn


Allan Holdsworth - Guitar, Violin
Jeff Berlin - Bass
Chad Wackerman - Drums
Paul Williams - Vocals

Setlist: -  74.05

1 Banter & Audience Noise 4.31
2 Where Is One  7.15
3 Tokyo Dream  6.04
4 Road Games  4.45
5 White Line  7.57
6 Bass Solo  5.00
7 Devil Take The Hindmost 6.59
8 Letters Of Marque 10.48
9 Material Real  6.39
10 The Things You See 8.22
11 Was There  5.39

Format: FLAC


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