Sunday, September 25, 2016

Robben Ford (with Vinnie Colaiuta) - Live at the Baked Potato, Studio City, CA, USA, 1984 [FLAC]

The sound is a little "hot" and piercing but pretty good, overall IMO. Vinnie Colaiuta is a grooving dynamic beast as only he can be. Enjoy, mr_mags

Audience recording.



Robben Ford
Russel Ferrante
Roscoe Beck
Vinnie Colaiuta


T1 - Imperial Strut- Yellowjackets(Fade in)
T2 - Take Out some Insurance- Jimmy Reed
T3 - Band Intros
T4 - ?
T5 - I'm Talking about You- Chuck Berry
T6 - Matinee Idol- Yellowjackets
T7 - Don't Throw yourself on Me So Strong- Albert King (with Makin Whoopee Tease)
T8 - Pass it on- Yellowjackets
T9 - Help The Poor- BB King


Many thanks to Mr_Mags for sharing this show!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Robben Ford Baked Potato 1984.part1.rar

Robben Ford Baked Potato 1984.part2.rar

Robben Ford Baked Potato 1984.part3.rar

propylaen2001 said...

Wow... a vintage Robben Ford show that I must have missed on Dime.
Thanks for sharing!