Monday, September 26, 2016

Jeff Beck - Live at Fiddler's Green Ampitheater, Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA, August 7, 2016 [FLAC]

Certainly a different flavor of Jeff Beck this time around with all of the vocal dominated music. Apparently, Jeff wants to be dissassociated as a "guitar-nerd".  Personally, I think he's getting a bit older and trying to rely more on his band and less as the main focal point for each song. All in all, a very entertaining show, but would have loved to have heard more of that classic "guitar-nerd" stuff. Hopefully, I got the new songs right on the set list. The recording came out pretty nice! Enjoy! (~the taper)


Jeff Beck: guitar
Carmen Vandenberg: rhythm guitar, vocals
Rhonda Smith: bass, vocals
Jonathan Joseph: drums
Rosie Bones: vocals
Jimmy Hall: vocals

Lineage: sonic studios dsm-6 > 85 cycle bass roll-off > Microtrack II (96/24)

Transfer: Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8)


01.[3:02] The Revolution Will Be Televised
02.[4:38] Freeway Jam
03.[2:09] Lonnie on the Move
04.[4:31] Live in the Dark
05.[4:14] The Ballad of the Jersey Wives
06.[6:33] You Know, You Know
07.[4:16] Morning Dew
08.[8:54] A Change Is Gonna Come
09.[5:44] Big Block
10.[3:41] 'Cause We've Ended as Lovers
11.[4:13] O.I.L. (Can't Get Enough of That Sticky)
12.[5:56] Scared for the Children
13.[3:16] Beck's Bolero
14.[9:31] Rollin' & Tumblin'
15.[3:34] Superstition
16.[2:26] Encore applause
17.[5:56] Little Brown Bird
18.[5:38] A Day in the Life

Total 1:28:12


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