Sunday, September 25, 2016

(DVD files) Shawn Lane  -  REH Instructional Videos - Power Licks & Solos (complete)

Here are the original DVD files of the complete set!

Shawn Lane  -  REH Instructional Videos - Power Licks & Solos 


Download links are in the comments


Dr. Fusion said...

(DVD files) Shawn Lane  -  REH Instructional Videos - Power Licks & Solos

propylaen2001 said...

Dear Doc,

This amazing Shawn Lane instructional DVD appears to be incomplete. Both menu points are connected to the same content, which is Part One: Power Licks. So the full second part Power Solos is missing.
Would you please look into this?
Many thanks in advance.


Dr. Fusion said...

Hi Joerg. That's pretty strange. I will take a look at the DVD and check it out but don't you worry... I have another video of the second part also :) Thanks for all your help my friend! If you would like to be a blog author so you are able to post and/or edit shows / setlists, etc. then feel free to contact me! Oh.. and stay tuned! I will soon post a TON of other Shawn Lane recordings I own ;-) Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc! In first place, MANY THANKS for all this incredible (and inaccessible) material that you're sharing!
Would be exciting you to share the DVD files o the Lane's concert al MIT. I think it's THE BEST guitar concert ever filmed.
I checked out your YouTube's channel EVERY DAY until it was closed and I enjoyed tons of inaccessible material in the best quality I ever dreamed.
I'm looking forward for you to release the Power Solos part of this great DVD.
Many thanks and cheers!