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GRP All Stars - Live at Vossa Jazz Festival, Voss Kino, Voss, Norway, March 1988, 2 Parts [VIDEO][FLV]

GRP All Stars
Live at Vossa Jazz Festival
Voss Kino, Voss
Norway, March 1988
2 Parts [VIDEO]

Source: FLV files from Norwegian TV archive

Broadcast in two parts by NRK on 11 & 18 November 1988


Lee Ritenour - guitars
Dave Grusin - keyboards
Tom Scott - saxophones, lyricon, flute
Tim Landers - bass
Art Rodriguez - drums

Part 1:

1. The Sauce (Greg Mathieson)
2. Early A.M. Attitude (D. Grusin)
3. Water From The Moon (L. Ritenour)
4. Earth Run (L. Ritenour, D. Grusin)
5. Say You Love Me (T. Scott)
6. Target (T. Scott)
7. Theme From Tootsie (D. Grusin)

Part 2:

1. White Water (Russell Ferrante)
2. Dolphin Dreams (L. Ritenour)
3. Mountain Dance (D. Grusin)
4. Rio Funk (L. Ritenour)
5. Get A Grip (T. Scott)

Total time 1:33:01 (46:27 + 46:34)

Note: Also includes some interview segments.

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Many thanks to propylaen for this great video.


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