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Devadip Orchestra ( Carlos Santana ) - Live at Donauhalle, Ulm, Germany, November 20th, 1978 [SBD][FLAC]

The meeting with John McLaughlin left a deep impression with Carlos Santana, a desire to make music that was more than rock or pop. By 1978, Carlos Santana had already divided his time between Santana, the Latin-rock band, and his solo projects. The burden on Carlos Santana's shoulders must have been heavy. In October of 1978, he was reunited with his wife after a separation blamed on the restrictions placed by Sri Chinmoy on his lifestyle. Chinmoy expected their followers to lead a chaste life. Carlos was also under pressure from management to deliver the Santana sound to keep record sales healthy. Santana carried his burden with calm. He kept the Santana rock band going, recording new albums with a nod to his roots or to commerce, it is hard to say. But the formula was there - two covers on Inner Secrets, Buddy Holly's Well All Right and the Classic IV's Stormy. On the personal side, his "inner peace" and continued devotion to "love and surrender" also reflected in his music. No one would describe his music as fiery and sans McLaughlin there was no fire. The link to Coltrane was receding. Though his music seemed to fit with the trend of the moment - jazz fusion. The core of the rock Santana band also formed the Devadip Orchestra with just the addition of saxophonist Russell Tubbs. The Devadip Orchestra was the opening act at every European gig. In 1999, when Santana delivered Supernatural, a collection of songs with contemporary artists, it seemed a valediction for this long-serving journeyman. Supernatural was a massive hit. His road to success was always one more compromise to make. For some fans, his best albums remained Abraxas, Caravanserai, Lotus and the albums he did with McLaughlin and Alice Coltrane. After this period, Santana's music naturally avoided confrontation and both Oneness and The Swing Of Delight never quite reached the heights he once scaled.

Devadip Orchestra (Feat. Carlos Santana)
Donau halle
Ulm, Germany
November 20th, 1978

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SoundBoard Recording

Lineage: SBD; ?; Cdr from Trade;EAC;FLAC

Sound Quality: A-


Carlos Santana - Guitar, Percussion,
David Margen - Electric Bass
Chris Ryne - Keyboards
Russell Tubbs - Saxophone, Flute
Graham Lear - Drums


T1 Intro -:54
T2 Swapan Tari - 4:22
T3 Arise Awake / Light Versus Darkness / Jim Jeannie - 7:43
T4 Oneness - 7:00
T5 Gardenia - 6:46
T6 Jharna Kala - 6:19

TT: 34 min.

Format: FLAC


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P.s. Have you seen this rare video with Carlos & John?


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