Friday, May 20, 2016

Brand X - Live at Ronnie Scott's, London, England, Sept. 1976 [FM][FLAC]

The is one of the best documents of early live Brand X, apart from Livestock, and Missing Period. :-) This show is sometimes mistakingly given the date of December 1976, but that's probably when the show first aired. A good Brand X gigography by Scottstradez can be found here:

Apparently on this stint of shows at Ronnie Scott's, Brand X was opening for Charles McPherson.

From Rock Around The World radio show

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John Goodsall
Percy Jones
Morris Pert
Robin Lumley
Phil Collins


01 radio show host introduction 0:21
02 Unorthodox Behaviour 07:05
03 Malaga Virgen 09:46
04 jam (aka Tito's Leg) 07:24

Total time: 24:38

Format: FLAC


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