Thursday, January 14, 2010

Weather Report - Live at Orpheum Theater, Boston, Mass. U.S.A., November 11, 1978 [3CD][FLAC]

I have seen Weather Report 4 times, and partipated in recording 2 of those. I liked all 4 shows very much (Boston 76,77, 78 and 80) and consider this my favorite Weather Report concert. My recording of this show was what I had planned to upload but the CD's of it are garbage (glitchy as heck-useless, made when I was still using a very flaky computer to make CD's) and now I find out my reel copy of it was erased, much to my dismay- However... I did have 2 different sources of this concert, both 1st generation copies. The other still survives, and was recorded with a cheaper recorder, but probably from a much closer-up seat, since my reel copy was recorded in almost the back row of the floor. There's not much high end on this copy, that's the biggest deficiency compared to the lost copy I had. But there's less echoeyness on this one, and less crowd noise, so maybe some will be glad this is the surviving copy. It does have a few cuts, not quite complete but close, maybe a minute or 2 missing at the most in 4 different parts (tape flips). This was a long concert, even for a Weather Report concert, and a fine performance. Enjoy !!!



Wayne Shorter- sax
Josef Zawinul- keyboards
Jaco Pastorious- bass
Peter Erskine- drums

Recording quality: B (recorded with a fairly cheap deck and mikes)

Performance quality: A (a very good performance)

Source: 1st generation audience tape


1: black market
2: scarlet woman
3: young and fine
4: a remark you made
5: the persuit of the woman with the feathered hat
6: continuum
7: river people
8: Shorter solo
9: Pastorious solo
10: mr. gone (spliced)
11: in a silent way (spliced)
12: waterfall
13: teen town
14: Zawinul solo (end cuts)
15: birdland (missing 1st second or two)
16: Erskine solo
17: badia
18: boogie woogie waltz

Total runtime: 174 minutes! (it's almost complete, except a few tape flip interruptions)


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