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Shakti with John McLaughlin - Live in Torino, Italy, 1977 [FLAC]

This is a rather hollow sounding audience tape > CD (?gens) acquisition that I got with no venue or exact date info. and in just 2 tracks. I have re-tracked it and removed a couple of gaps and overlaps, It is a nice performance (it's Shakti so it has to be), there is some talking and alot of room-tone in here, but still sounds enjoyable. I suspect a master with EQ could make this sound pretty good. My CD copy had a skip in track 2, I think it was the kind I could remove completely without losing anything so I did. It must have worked out because I don't hear any problem any more. there's a little bit of tape noise, but not alot, probably from a low gen cassette tape. it's yet another Shakti show with a song I haven't heard elsewhere yet by them (isis). Lady L had two cuts in it. I tried splicing them as well as I could, one is hardly noticable, one is rather awkward but it's a long version of it and mostly there. not exactly a "you are there" production (more like a you're kinda there smokin a bone near the back but at least a recorder was on production). there is a fair amount of talking in parts, but fortunately they shut up for most of the music. the disc I recieved had several various bits of studio tracks unrelated to this show, not even Shakti songs and probably all released so all of that is not included in here. (nor should it be on the CD I got.) this is nowhere near all of the show (maybe just one 60 min master tape? or maybe the taper never found his second tape.) etree lists an April Shakti show in Viareggio Italy in April 77 (with India, Peace of Mind and get down and sruti, none of which are played here).

Do not sell this recording.

Trade freely and losslessly.

Shakti with John McLaughlin
Torino, Italy 1977 (maybe April?)

Thanks to glasnostrd19 !!!!

Audience recording


John McLaughlin: acoustic guitar
Zakir Hussain: tabla
Lakshminarayanan (L) Shankar: violin
Thetakudi Harihara "Vikku" Vinayakram: ghatam

(not sure who plays the sruti boxes here, it changed often)


01; Tuning/soundcheck 7:19
02: Isis 15:09
03: Lady L 24:10 (spliced)
04: Tuning 1:21
05: Lotus Feet 4:49
06: Kriti 3:44 (end cuts)

Runtime: 56:35


Shakti with John McLaughlin  Natural Elements



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