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Pat Metheny Group - "The way up tour" - Live at Ascoli Piceno, Piazza del Popolo, June 18, 2005 [3CD][FLAC]

Commissario Rex Series #DD185

An awesome recording from the 3rd row (central). Superb sound quality. A light noisy wind on disc 2. Including 30 minutes soundcheck. A review of mine (in Italian, sorry) and some pictures of that night are available here: have several recordings made by myself from different concerts I have attended during the last 10 years. The equipment used is a Sony stereo Mic and a Minidisc digital recorder. Recently I have begun to use a Zoom H2 wave recorder. The audio quality is mostly very good and often even excellent, depending on the quality of sound at the venue of course..~CR

Lineage: SONY ECM-CS10 > Sony MiniDisc MZ-R909 > SoundBlaster Live > HD > Wavelab 4.0 > CD > HD > CD Wave Editor 1.98 > FLAC (level 6)


Pat Metheny - guitars
Lyle Mays - keyboard, guitar
Steve Rodby - bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Cuong Vu - trumpet, vocals
Gregoire Maret - harmonica
Nando Lauria - guitar, percussion
Carolyn Chrzan - guitar tech


CD1 TT 77:04

01.The way up intro, including This is not America
02.The way up Opening
03.The way up part one (a)
04.The way up part one (b)
05.The way up part two
06.The way up part three
07.Band introduction
08.(Go) get it

CD2 TT 76:39

02.Lone Jack
03.Into the dream/Are you going with me
04.Last train home
05.Roots of Coincidence
06.guitar intro/Always and forever
07.Lyle Mays piano intro/Farmer's trust
08.Band re-introduction
09.Minuano (six eight)

CD3 TT 41:06


01.Song for Bilbao
02.soundcheck take 1 (Lyle Mays piano)
03.soundcheck take 2 (Lyle Mays keys)
04.soundcheck take 3 (Pat Metheny guitar)
05.soundcheck take 4 (Pat Metheny guitar)
06.soundcheck take 5 (Pat Metheny Group)
07.soundcheck take 6 (Pat Metheny Group the way up)
08.soundcheck take 7 (Pat Metheny guitar the way up)
09.soundcheck take 8 (Pat Metheny guitar)
10.soundcheck take 9 (Pat Metheny guitar)
11.soundcheck take 10 (Pat Metheny guitar)
12.soundcheck take 11 (Pat Metheny picasso guitar)
13.soundcheck take 12 (Pat Metheny guitar)

TT 194:49


Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live [Blu-ray]   The Way Up



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