Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sixun 1999 Nice jazz Festival, France [VIDEO]

Sixun 1999 Nice jazz Festival, France


Michel Alibo: Bass

Jean-Pierre Como: Keyboards

Nantha Kumar: Percussion

Alain Debiossat: Saxophone

Louis Winsberg: Guitar

Paco Sery: Drums


01 Peniscola

02 Tooklao

03 No Frog No Moustic

Tech specs:

Vid source: French TV Broadcast (Mezzo) -> AVI

Video format: AVI

Resolution: 360 x 270 @ 1171 k/s

Total running time: 31 mins 38 secs

File size: 263.8 MB


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thanks for all the great stuff..however, since switching to megaupload..my kaspersky security detects a virus attached..older rapidshare stuff doesn't

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That's strange. Never had problem with Megaupload. Reason why I use Megaupload is that it allows me to upload larger files without requesting a paying membership. I also found Megaupload much faster to download from (usually 700-900 k/s). However, I will look into an alternative. Any other suggestions other than Rapidshare? Anyone..? Thanks.