Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wayne Krantz Trio 1993 Live 14. Leverkusener Jazztage, Germany [VIDEO]

Wayne Krantz: Guitar

Lincoln Goines: Bass

Zach Danziger: Drums

Source: TV Broadcast

Video format: AVI

Total running time: 72 mins 28 secs

Resolution: 352 x 288 @ 1470 k/s

File size: 770.6 MB

Awesome performance!



BassLobster said...

Anonymous said...

can't seem to open file w/000 end tag.renaming it zip doesn't work either.thanks for all the other great stuff i have gotten and loved

Anonymous said...

Could You Upload It To Rapidshare ???, Pleas.

mark t said...

thanks for upload

Bowl1986 said...

thx Lobster, I really enjoy this video! monster trio with monster sound!

for everyone who doesn't know what to do with these files:
use the freeware hjsplit to join the two parts back together, then you can extract the file.

BassLobster said...

U r welcome Bowl 1986... I'm glad you enjoyed the monster trio.. Thanks for mentioning HJsplit... slipped my mind earlier on.

Anonymous said...

been looking for this full video for ages! ur a champion, love from melbourne

Anonymous said...

thanks for tellin me about hj split..gonna try it now

BassLobster said...

Great! I really hope it'll work out for you. Cheers!