Saturday, October 24, 2009

John Mclaughlin & Jonas Hellborg - Live at der Fabrik, Hamburg, Germany 1987 [MP3]

One of the best live-shows I've ever heard!!! These guys really know how to play ! This recording has a few more tracks than the DVD which was previously posted here. Enjoy!



John McLaughlin - Acoustic Guitar
Jonas Hellborg - Electric Bass

Setlist: (with corrections)

01 - John & Jonas
02 - Electric Dreams / Follow Your Heart
03 - Worksong
04 - Trilogy
05 - Thelonious Melodious
06 - Guardian Angel / You Know You Know
07 - The Dolphin
08 - Rockabilly Bootleg
09 - Zakir
10 - Blues For L.W.
11 - Pacific Express
12 - Nem Um Talvez (cut)

Format: MP3 @224KB avg

ENJOY !!!!!!

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Yotte said...

Thanks! Looking forward to listening.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a new link for this?

Dr. Fusion said...

Yes! It's on the request list and shall be posted soon!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I'll be checking every day! They're tighter in this one than Tuebingen. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Fusion! I need this medicine!