Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dixie Dregs (Rod Morgenstein Recital) - Live at University of Miami, Miami, Florida, USA, September 13, 1975 [SBD][FLAC]

Fades between tracks but overall an excellent show in great quality. Even though they are all young whippersnappers, they are already frightenly talented. Enjoy!!!!! ~barkndog

* Earliest known Dixie Dregs live recording *

Source: Soundboard

Quality: Really Good (A-/B+)

Lineage: SBD > Tape > ?? > CDr > EAC (Secure/Offset corrected) > .WAV > FLAC (L8/SBA) > TorrentSpy > DIME > YOU

Many Thanks to Barkndog !!!


Rod Morgenstein - Drums
Steve Morse - Guitars
Allen Sloan - Violin
Andy West - Bass
Mark Parrish - Keys

Setlist: Please help!

1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Unknown
4. Unknown
5. Unknown
6. Unknown
7. Cosmic Strut (Mahavsihnu Orchestra)
8. Leprechuan Promenade
9. Celestrial Terrestial Commuters (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
10. Wages Of Weirdness
11. Flight Of A Cockroach
12. What If
13. Holiday
14. Country House Shuffle

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04

L E O N A R D O said...

Wow !!! THANKS !!!

Please Dr. Fusion Reup the SHows (SHOWS ! ) by the guitar trio feat. steve morse !
TX !!

Anonymous said...

Dr. F,

Many thanks for another fine show. I owe you more thanks for about 20-25 addt'l shows. So a BIG THANK YOU for them all; I promise to be big boy, take me medicine, and leave comments in the future.

Craig a.k.a. TorchLitCat

Milton said...

ooh..ive never heard of this one..thanks doc!