Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chick Corea Band & Friends - "Live Under The Sky" - Live at Denen Coliseum, Tokyo, Japan, July 26, 1980 [FLAC]

This is nothing very rare but I don't think I have not noticed it popping up here in the last 4 years. It does not show much on dbetree either. The last two tunes are featured on the "Fuse One" studio record that came out about this time. Taxi Blues here has a great Clarke/ Brunel Jam. Enjoy !!! ~mr_mags


Chick Corea: keyboards
Bunny Brunel: bass
Al Vizzutti: trumpet
Steve Kujala:Sax & Flute
Gayle Moran: key, vocals
Tom Brechtlein: drums
Don Alias: congas
John Mclaughlin
Larry Coryell
Stanley Clarke
Dave Liebman


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T1 Night Streets 19:57
T2 Don Alias Intro> Central Park 11:30
T3 Spain 9:57
T4 Black Orpheus (Coryell & Mclaughlin Acoustic Duet) 7:22
T5 Friendship 14:55
T6 Taxi Blues 16:13

A huge thanks to Mr_Mags !!!

Enjoy !!!

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