Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Allan Holdsworth - Live at Reigen, Vienna, Austria, May 11th, 2000 [2CD][FLAC]

I thought it was time for me to share some Holdsworth. I'm not the big fan of him that I was in the 80's but his originality in both playing and composing remains really impressive- IMO. I don't think this one circulates heavily. It's a nice recording of a great show. Husband or Wackerman (ormaybe the "other" Gary), you ask (or not)? I like them both (saw the IOU stuff with both in the early 80's). I think both their styles suit AH's music but I prefer Husband with him plus I remember thinking I saw Gary's bass drum catching air off the stage because he was so frenetic & powerful. Anyway, he is killing here! Enjoy !!!


Allan Holdsworth: Guitar
Jimmy Johnson: Bass
Gary Husband: Drums

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Sound Quality: A-


CD 1

T1 Lanyard Loop 6:07
T2 Texas 7:46
T3 Above and Below 7:40
T4 Letters Of Marque 15:55
T5 Alphrazallan 8:32
T6 Looking Glass 6:09

CD 2

T1 ? 9:36
T2 0274 8:35
T3 Water On The Brain 14:00
T4 ? 6:13
T5 Proto Cosmos>Crowd 6:41
T6 Improv>Material Real 6:57

Enjoy !!!

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Dr. Fusion said...

Download links:

Part 01
Part 02
Part 03
Part 04
Part 05
Part 06
Part 07

Fallen Angel said...

Wow!!! What a post!!! It`s really fantastic!!!
Hey,Fred,thanks for your visit to my Blog,and thanks for your offer,too.
Yes,I'll be waiting for the new post of Pat Metheny.
If I'll want something special,I'll ask to you.Thank you very much!!!
Your Friend RAÚL

Dr. Fusion said...

Hey Raul, Allan's fingers look just like the huge spider at your blog :-)

Cheers mate!

Barleyman70 said...

Hi Doc, this recording originaly came from a friend of mine and he did a very good work. I also catched that tour and have some anecdotes on it. For an example, I have got one of Gary's drum sticks.

Dr. Fusion said...

Many thanks to this friend of yours Barleyman !! If you have a name I can give him credits for this fantastic Holdsworth show! Oh..and I would love to hear those anecdotes my friend so if you'd like to share them, please email me.


Barleyman70 said...

Hi Doc, I really don't know if my friend would like to appear here with his real name. And about my anecdotes on the gig on Valencia, Spain on May 23, 2000 all was written in a message I sent to the Fusenet forum. My friend Jose and me made nearly 11 hours by train to attend that gig, which was the last one of that European tour. There were not good times for Allan himself, but I spent with him nearly one entire hore before the gig. Best regards