Friday, July 31, 2009

Herbie Hancock - Live at Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, September 28, 1978 [SBD][FLAC]

SondBoard Recording

Quality: Excellent


Herbie Hancock (el-p, k)
Webster Lewis (k)
Bennie Maupin (ss, ts)
Bill Summers (perc)
Paul Jackson (el-b)
Mike Clark (d)


1. Butterfly 10:24
2. Sunlight 9:42
3. I Thought It was You 4:44
4. Chameleon 17:35
5. Shiftless Shuffle 7:24

Format: FLAC


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Dr. Fusion said...


Anonymous said...

hi dr. Fusion ...
you are simply amazing...!
a machine!

.el camaleon

Buns O'Plenty said...

very niccee thx

B-side said...

I can't open the link above :(.

BTW - the correct title for track 5 is "Shiftless Shuffle" :)

Anonymous said...

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With thanks


Dr. Fusion said...

To B-side:

Please let me know why you can't open the download link.

And thanks for the track title !!


Anonymous said...

Great post but what up with all the ads on this site now? This use
to be one of the best sites out there but the ads, pops up are a
total bummer. I thought it was about the music Doc?

Dr. Fusion said...

Oh, but it IS about the music!

The profits from these ads will all
be used to support this blog, the artists, tapers/traders and for new HD space because I have tons
of unofficial live recordings for this blog for which I have no room right now.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience
but just watch the amount of great recordings that will posted here in the next couple of days and you won't even see the ads!

Cheers :-)

Shabnam Sultan said...

Fantastic.... Keep it up.