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Wayne Krantz Trio (Feat. Tal Wilkenfeld) - Live at The Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, October 20, 2008 [FLAC]

This was the first show of the Australian leg of a short tour, and the first time Krantz has visited our shores. I managed to catch the soundcheck for this show and was really struck by Wayne's approach. Whilst Tal and Keith were going through the motions of doing a regular soundcheck, Krantz was approaching every note he was playing with real passion, prepared for the tunes they were checking on to go the full distance, though he knew they wouldn't. A real lesson there, I thought... The gig itself was really awesome, and a dream come true for me (and many others) to finally see Krantz, (although a friend did comment at one point that it would have been nice to hear a shuffle!) The recording came out beautifully to my ears. I was very impressed with the quality as I chopped it up in Audacity with my Sennheisers on. I had the perfect seat: front row, centre. I haven't bothered with song titles despite recognising quite a few tunes from Wayne's "Your Basic Live" and "Your Basic Live 06" releases. For those of you familiar with Krantz's music, I don't think he cares a whole lot for titles anyway! The only tune he introduced was the opening cut from Tal Wilkenfeld's great debut release, Transformation, entitled BC.

Hope you enjoy this. And let's hope more shows pop up from Krantz's Oz tour.



Lineage: Edirol R09 -> Audacity -> FLAC (level 8) -> you.


Wayne Krantz: guitar
Tal Wilkenfeld: bass
Keith Carlock: drums


1. (13:18)
2. (16:16)
3. (12:44)
4. (12:14)
5. (16:16)
6. (11:35)
7. B.C. (9:07)
8. (15:25)
9. (12:48)
10. (9:26)

Total time: 129:14

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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