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Mahavishnu Orchestra - Live at Music Hall, Boston, Mass., USA, May 3, 1975 [FLAC]

Although the sound quality isn't the best, this rare Mahavishnu Orchestra show contains some of the hottest playing by John McLaughlin I've ever heard. If you like High Voltage Electric Guitar at the Speed of Light combined with Funky, Jazzy and Rock riffs, you're in for a real treat!! This show kicks ass !! This is a "raw from master" transfer (except for track 1 tuning up) and could probably benefit from some EQ'ing. the source of this tried to do that, as is heard in track 1, but the result in the concert came out crackly and was burned onto a cheap and defective CD. So I went with my raw from master copy for this, which is not from a crackly or defective CD, but is quite "boom-heavy". this is a common problem with Music Hall auds. I also left the track 1 tuning out of my copy to get it all on 1 CD. I've put it back for the post, but it sounds "brighter" than the rest because it was EQ'ed by AC (the taper.) Would be great if somebody could do a remaster of this fantastic show!

Provided by glasnostrd19


Sony TC-56 cassette recorder with unknown model Sony external mike >Maxell UD 90 min. master cassettes > CD > CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC

Sound Quality: B/B+ ?


John McLaughlin- guitar
Steve Kindler- violin
Stu Goldberg- keyboards
Ralph Armstrong- bass
Narada Michael Walden- drums


01: Tuning 5:44
02: Eternity's breath (part I and II) 15:17
03: You know, you know 4:01
04: Sanctuary 10:50
05: Band introductions Jam > Lila's dance 15:00
06: Guitar and bass duet 2:58
07: Vision is a naked sword 13:17
08: Unknown 6:41
09: Unknown 11:21

Total time: 85:14 min.

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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