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Billy Cobham - "Spectrum Revisited" - Live at Yoshi's Jazz Club, San Francisco, CA, USA, Early Show, April 13, 2008 [FLAC]

Billy played with this band here for a week. A few months later they would play a few dates in Washington D.C. and New York. What a great band. I was hoping they would do an official dvd for this band but these recordings that I have are probably the only documents of these amazing performances. Something about the vibe for these very special shows that would have been great to capture on video as well as audio. Billy and Dean especially would have been great on camera. Dean was smokin' all week! Billy was really feeling Panama all week and playing it most sets (and a few next week) and I think this show has my favorite performance of that song. They were really locked in and in the zone. I think they would have played it all night. Billy's wife unfortunately came over and cut them off. I was hoping they would keep playing and end up running late on this, the final night of the one week tour. It still ended great. Bill gets cut off, finishes the song and then goes into an extended drum solo! How Cool! Billy would play the following week in Oakland with a different band. This isn't the funkiest Cobham band but I have seen Billy 35-40 times over the years and the shows this week with this band were was my favorite shows, my favorite live Cobam band, and performances of these great songs that I have ever seen. They could have played a few more songs during the week and swithched up the setlist more than they did but Mark Soskin was a late replacement for Brian Auger and I don't know how many songs Mark could learn in the time before the shows. As Dean Brown said when I told him how many shows I had seen the band that week, "That's A Lot Of Notes". I have seen Soskin before, he was great as usual. I kind of felt sorry for Auger because these were some of the best shows ever. More of my favorite shows from the past that haven't been circulated will be popping up along with the new shows. Enjoy!!!!

Audience Recording

Sound Quality: A-

Lineage: sp omnis>ca-9100>h4@24-Bit 48-kHz>Pro Tools>16-Bit 44.1-kHz>TLH>FLAC

Recorded by Keyd


Bill Cobham - Drums and Percussion
Dean Brown - Guitar
Victor Bailey - Bass
Mark Soskin - Keys


01 - Billy Speaks (02:22)
02 - Mirage (11:27)
03 - Obliquely Speaking (08:03)
04 - Moon Germs (10:00)
05 - Two For Juan (11:54)
06 - Panama (13:55)
07 - a.Spectrum Revisited {Drum Solo}
07 - b.Crosswind (16:47)

Total time: 74:33

Format: FLAC

Enjoy !!!

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